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Female Measurements
Information Form


Please fill out the basic measurement form as accurately as possible! When you are filling out the measurement form that indicates that you are taking full responsibility for the measurements that your are inputting on the form!


Please remember that there are no returns and refunds, on custom made to order posing suits

All Female custom made posing suits being asked to be made in either 5 or 4

weeks before a show, would need verbal approval & require a

 full payment to start your suit and have finished in time!



I don't make custom suits for

clients that have a show coming up 

in less than 4 weeks

If you require any alterations to a posing suit that needs correcting due to inaccurate measurement information from the form. ​Please contact me ASAP!


 Please do not wait till 2 weeks prior to your show to contact us to make alterations. Their will be no guarantee's that the posing suit will be corrected & shipped back to you in time for your upcoming show!

There is a fee for the Shipping & Alterations work

of the suit

My email is

And please attach pictures of yourself in the posing suit 


Measuring correctly insures a proper fit

I always want to you to look & feel your best on stage because its your day to shine!

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