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I want to talk a bit about picking the right shoe for a show and believe me, I've done my fair share of looking at some beautiful shoe choices out there. I want the average client to keep in mind a few things when picking a " Posing Shoe " 

  • Have you ever walked in heels ?

  • Do you know how to walk in heels ?

  • Are you comfortable walking in heels ?

These are very important questions to ask yourself when picking the right shoe for your upcoming show. I've worked with a lot of clients with their posing and theirs always issues with " Balance / Height & Comfort " Just think! If this is an issue with experienced competitors, imagine someone that is new to the sport. The last thing clients remember is that all of this has to been done onstage with heels in front of judges and an audience! That by itself takes " Being Poised, Controlled & having Plenty of Posing Practice Sessions.


With all that being said, I have created my own Nicole Carrasco Posing Shoes Line with a traditional heels line and two unique style heels,  the Fat heel & Rectangle heel. These two different heel styles are perfect for the experienced competitor and the new competitor. Both of these shoes are designed for comfort, stability & balance. With these shoes you can focus on posing instead of balancing!

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