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I want thank you for bringing to life my vision for my very 1st Figure suit. You made that process smooth and easy. You took it step by step when showing me all the fabrics, colors and design options. Nicole, you were very helpful in making sure to explain every step and making sure I wasn't overwhelmed or stressed out. It was also very comforting to receive a few try on suits to ensure the perfect fit for my body type. Nicole i would like to say I'm so thankful for having you during my entire prep form creating my winning suit to the many hours of posing!

Tia Couch PNBA Figure Pro


So how do I begin to express my gratitude to Nicole and NC Figure Fitness!! I started my
journey back in May preparing for my first bodybuilding competition and my coach
recommended NC Figure fitness to design me a custom posing suit. I was like sure why not and
reached out to Nicole for assistance. She was nothing but professional and prompt with me from start to finish. Everything was done electronically and I can say at first it gave me some concerns because I was like how will she be able to ensure my suit would fit right without me
being there to be fitted. Well the details they requested in the questionnaire took care of all of
that doubt and their selection of material is crazy. I had so many choices and options to pick
from and Nicole helped me as well with the photos I provided her to ensure I made the best
selection for my skin tone and personality. The suits I ordered arrived sooner than I thought and
the fit was perfect. It was my first time wearing anything like this before and I felt comfortable
and empowered when I put on the posing suit. I attribute everything that was a part of preparing
me to compete in my bodybuilding competition and one of the truest statements was & quote; If you look good you feel good & quote; and I felt amazing and posed like a professional which won me 1st Place in the Men's Open for Bodybuilding, the award for Most Muscular, and my Pro Card. I can’t thank Nicole enough for the support even after my competition she reached out to congratulate me and show continued support to me. Truly more than just a business for her and NC Figure Fitness.

Antonia Campbell Jr.
PNBA Pro-Elite Athlete



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